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A Pint of Science

A UK-wide festival bringing real scientific researchers into your local. Three days of lectures, drink and food. Discussing serious matters in an social environment.

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DAY 3 – Dimensions of dementia research: from labs to living rooms.

"AI and Technology for Dementia Care" and "Building a brain in a dish: how can stem cells help us understand dementia?"

One in every three people will develop a form of dementia in their lifetime and, as yet, no cure exists. However, researchers are working tirelessly to improve methods for diagnosing, understanding and treating dementia. During this event, we will hear about research at two ends of the treatment development spectrum, learning more about the biology underlying the disease development as well as how new technologies are helping to look after patients in their own homes.

Speakers at this event include: Prof. Payam Barnaghi (Professor of Machine Intelligence at University of Surrey) and Dr Selina Wray ( Senior Research Associate at UCL)