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Babble Talks are daytime TED-style talks for parents, not about parenting. For parents and carers with babies under 1 year old.


Four hundred million years after the big bang, the Universe appeared dark and empty as it slowly expanded and cooled down. Suddenly the first stars formed, lighting up the universe and starting the birth of all the stars, galaxies and life we see today. The birth of the First Stars is an unknown era of space history ready to be explored….

Dr Emma Chapman is a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow based at Imperial College London. She studies the first stars in the cosmos, using radio telescopes to look back 13 billion years to when the universe first lit up. She is aiming to make the first ever detection this epoch with the LOFAR telescope and is building the Square Kilometre Array in Australia to make a film of our universe growing up. Aside from her scientific research, Emma is an active media commentator on sexual harassment within academia and has worked hard to make academia open to all, running a successful campaign group lobbying for institutional reform.