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Doors open at 7:30
Show begins at 8:30

Tonight we have 5 fantastic new artists performing original music. Free entry and full menu available.


Born in Yorkshire, living in Brighton, Rising Fever is the brain child of Sammy Harrison, drawing influences from numerous genres like Americana, Indie, and Folk. Sammy crafts delicate songs with sweet ambient sections and harmonic vocals that carve out a distinct area in the current music scene.

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Flo Smart is a talented young singer/songwriter. Her songs have attracted wide attention, she plays gigs across London, at university and at music festivals around the UK. In London her regular venues include The Troubadour, The Bedford, and High Road House.

Playing piano, guitar and ukulele, Flo has a haunting voice and evocative lyrics that speak well beyond her years.

She has been likened to a young Joni Mitchell, and has been influenced by singers such as Laura Marling, Simon and Garfunkel, and Cat Stevens. She has a catalogue of over 30 songs written since she was 12 which she performs from the heart.

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Cristopher Rose

Cristopher Rose is an emergent singer, songwriter and pianist now based in London. His genre is a lovely and original blend between jazz and adult contemporary music.
He’s better knows as “The rose” due to the charm and delicacy in his music.

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Taxi Joe are a British rock band, founded by lead singer Joe Acres and drummer Louis Morgan. The band were joined by Italian bassist Devid Dell’Aiera after a fateful jamming session in South London. Their sound draws from a range of influences including the likes of Oasis, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin with audiences likening their music to the Arctic Monkeys, the Strokes and T-Rex.

The band are constantly writing new material and self-producing their own music and videos. This has led to global coverage on independent radio stations, blogs and landed them a place on TIDAL’s most listened playlist in Spain. Their latest single, ‘Pain’, attracted the attention of IMAX to be featured on a behind-the-scenes exclusive for the new JJ Abrams movie, ‘Overlord’. Their energetic on-stage chemistry has led them to perform in New York, Italy and all over the UK, most notably supporting the legendary Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac on tour.

Remarked as having a ferocious attitude, Taxi Joe dare to challenge the current indie market with their aggressive lyrics and catchy riffs.

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‘Counsel to Alex’ is a female singer songwriter who combines meaningful, poetic and gritty lyrics with a voice and music that touches everyone who listens. It leaves you thoughtful and wanting to hear more.

She draws her inspiration for her songwriting from her own life experiences and her work as a barrister. Alexpreviously fronted her own rock band called Kicking Bird but has now stripped everything down to just her , her songs and her guitar.

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