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Doors at 7:30
Show starts at 8:00

FREE ENTRY and full menu available

Tonight is a special evening featuring 4 brilliant acts playing long sets.

Come and join for a fabulous night of music

8.00pm – HELLENA

8:40pm – JON KENZIE

9.20pm – LYRA


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8.00pm - HELLENA

Hellena was born and raised in the shadow of the Mountain of the Gods, Olympus, in Greece. She is a singer, songwriter, director and composer. Her creations regularly marry the Eastern/Western world whilst sonically fusing dreamy/ethereal and dark/distorted sensibilities.

Her lyrics are often philosophical and existential, transporting the listener to a mystical land or offering poignant reflection and introspection. Typically influenced by observations of the world and life, her vocals are driven by beautiful melodies and carefully crafted harmonies.

The Debut Album is coming out in 2020 and the title is called “Demythed”. It is Hellena’s debut album merging Eastern and Western, Dreamy and Distorted sounds. You will find some mythical references and you’ll be transported to a mystical world.

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8.40pm - JON KENZIE

Jon Kenzie, is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Manchester [UK] with his musical roots firmly based in blues, folk and soul. Jon is the perfect example of how an independent artist can survive and thrive in the modern music industry today. Even though he has, up till now, decided to avoid the route of record companies Jon has already managed to produce and release three acclaimed solo albums and has sold thousands of units from his concerts and busking on the streets alone. Making a living from music in this way enables him to keep creating and keep moving forward. Jon is now in the process of recording his fourth solo album and even though the album is not yet completed Jon has already begun touring the new material throughout Europe leading up to the release

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9.20pm - LYRA

Lyra is a London five set Neo Soul – Electronic pop group combining epic and sweeping vocals, driving and rhythmic guitar lines, with a euphoric rhythmic sound. Lyra have been hard at work shaping a style and groove that can’t be ignored. In an age of recording artists, it is truly refreshing to find a band that is as good, if not better live than on recording.Lyra comprises Paige Ellis’s drum beats with funk edge aplenty, George Price’s smooth base lines, James Skingle’s R+B licks to his heavy solos, Ejike Nnodi’s Jazzy Keys, and Jenna Naylor-Tymon’s soulful yet haunting vocals. Their neo-soul originals ooze an irresistibly euphoric rhythm.

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‘Out of the Woods’ is the title of Will Whisson’s debut album released in November 2019.
Having just come off of a 3 month solo European tour, Will began work for the album by setting up a small home studio in Kent to write and experiment extensively in. The album would later take him to London and Wales before finally being recorded in Ireland.
The title, chosen for its double barrel meaning, reflects the long periods of time spent in isolation riddled with uncertainties and self-doubt whilst at the same time also symbolises the completion of the project and with it, a renewed sense of balance.
With influences that include The War on Drugs, Angus & Julia Stone, Coldplay and Mumford & Sons, the record sways between hypnotic passages of music that are unafraid of taking their time to more impactful and euphoric singalongs.
Recorded in Kells, Ireland, with the expertise of super producer Martin Quinn, the pair meticulously sculpted each sound with Will recording every instrument aside from the drums.
This collection of songs is Will’s most ambitious body of work to date and showcases songs that would have been impossible to comprehend when he started his journey back in 2016.
It’s a story that began with an acoustic guitar and a rusty old campervan in the hope of becoming a travelling musician via the route of busking on streets all over Europe. Now, with two EPs, hundreds of gigs and thousands of miles under his belt, not to mention a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign (all thanks to a strong grassroots following), the release of his debut album is a fitting way to cap a journey that is rare, real and hard to match. Will currently lives in London and is touring with his new live band in 2020.

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