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Tonight we welcome ZERVAS AND PEPPER as they present a unique show to support the release of their new album “Endless Road, Restless Nomad.

Doors at 7:30

Tickets in advance – £12


Endless roads upon which the restless nomads search for the gifts of the seventh son.
Cruising clear on Indian seas under gas bottle blue skies…
That’s where cult folk-rock duo Zervas Pepper are heading this summer with their new
album ‘Endless Road, Restless Nomad’ an album that encourages reckless abandon ,
questions which way the cards fall and beckons the listener walk through the Catacombs of
their past..
Join Them…
Zervas Pepper
‘Endless Road, Restless Nomad’
Out 26/07/2019 on Zerodeo Records/Universal Distribution



Zervas Pepper are songwriters that have been crafting songs and capturing imaginations with their previous critically acclaimed albums ‘Lifebringer’, ‘Abstract Heart’, ‘Wilderland’. 2019 brings a fresh ofering, an album that fnds a band that have honed their sound on the road, songwriters that continue to mine the depths of their creative pairing..

Zervas Pepper’s sounds have made their way across the National airwaves of both UK and Europe. Appearing as guests and in-session for fagship National Radio BBC shows such as BBC 6music’s Lauren laverne, Radclife and Maconie, Tom Robinson and many more.

Singer Kathryn Pepper says’ “Endless Road, Restless Nomad’ was written whilst touring through Europe. “A life spent passing through, ..looking back, shared moments and endless roads.” The album title taken from the two songs on the album that express exactly that, ‘Endless Road’ and ‘Restless Nomad”.

‘There is Only Love’ is a reaction to the intense period of negativity in the press and social media. Kathryn Pepper explains “We wanted to bring the free-spirited feeling we get on the road into the music, touring puts us in a bubble, away from the 24 news landscape we live in back home” Paul Zervas adds.. “We were looking to capture a sense of late’s 1960’s hippie optimism, drawing from an era of music that offered hope in troubled times”. Listen in for summer of love inspired 12 string electric guitars, harmony-drenched message of love.

‘Gas Bottle Blue’ finds the pair exploring opportunities missed, ..the roller coaster ride of chasing down your dreams while album opener ‘The Gift’ offers the gift of courage and the new hope.. “The gift you gave to me from the seventh son, ..reckless abandon.. child on the run”.

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