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Nutrition for Optimal Health

Tuesday 17th September

A seminar with Kylie Litchfield. She will cut through nutritional noise, why we overeat and evidence-based advice on what and how to eat support your health.

Do you want to eat healthily but sometimes eat in a way that doesn’t make you feel good? Confused by conflicting nutrition advice? Or you know what to eat in principle but struggle to implement it on a daily basis?

This 90 minute seminar will help you understand why we eat (and sometimes overeat), what the current evidence shows eating for optimal health looks like, with tips to help you do so. And why nutrition advice is often just plain wrong.

The seminar will cover:

• Our hungry brains and why we overeat

• Why you should probably ignore nutrition advice in the media

• Cutting through the noise: How should we be eating for optimal health?

• Practical nutrition tips you can implement today

• Participant questions