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Stagecraft: The Rhythm Method


This 4-week course is led by Amanda Baker and Abi Grant. It is a preview to the online launch with Jimmy Carr later in the year. Stage Craft for stand-up comedians is a fear-busting course.

Have you ever been told: “You can’t teach timing?” This course will show you exactly what comic timing is, how it works, how to break it down and how to apply it to your material and performance. By the course’s end, you’ll know how to create louder and longer laughs, how to control audiences, elicit applause breaks and craft sets that will lift you to the next level of your comedy career. Stand-up comedy is an act of faith. The key word is ‘act’, not faith. The more consistent your ‘act’, the more consistent the response.

NOTE: To spend enough time with everyone, the maximum number of people in this course will be 8. So, grab your tickets quickly.