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Zombies! Improv! Pirates!


Set sail for a night of completely improvised zombified zaniness and nautical nonsense with Zombies! Improv! Pirates!

When? On the first Tuesday of every month, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, the zombie apocalypse and blood thirsty pirates descend upon us—not with doom and gloom, but with gags and giggles!

What’s in store? Navigate through the comedic seas with Pirates Prov, where you’ll encounter swashbuckling humour and treasure troves of invention. Then, brace yourself for a zombie horde of hilarity with Improv the Dead, and an improvised zombie apocalypse where the only thing infectious is the laughter.

Special Attractions! Revel in the talents of our guest acts, who tread the plank between genius and madness. Dare to join the ranks in our audience jam—a chance for you to shine brighter than a pirate’s gold or a zombie’s glowing eyes.

Who can join? Calling all buccaneers and brain-eaters, jesters and jokers looking for an evening of unbridled fun. No prior improv experience necessary – just a willingness to laugh in the face of the undead.

The best part? Admission is free! Keep your doubloons and dine on a feast of fun instead of entrails.

Join us for an evening where the spirits of comedy possess both the undead and the piratical. It’s an improv adventure where everyone’s welcome, dead or alive!