Hot Dinners

Terms and Conditions:

Guests can enjoy two courses plus one side each on a complimentary basis. All drinks must be paid for (with the exception of tap water).

This equates to either:

  1. Starter and main course plus a side dish
  2. Main course and pudding plus a side dish

 A starter refers to any dish from the ‘cured and curd’ section or two people may share three small plates from the ‘small plates’ section between them.

A main course refers to any dish from the ‘main course’ section, a pizza, burger, a sandwich or three small plates. 

A side dish refers to any dish in the ‘sides’ section.

One reservation per person. Double bookings will not be honoured. We can accommodate tables of up to six people. Bookings are on a first come first served basis. Please note The Bedford will close between lunch and dinner on this day only.

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