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Hatty Ashdown and Sarah Mills



“Wonderfully inventive, consistently funny ”- Time Out. “Innately funny” – Chortle.

Holding the neighbourhood’s worries in her Worry Drawer, Hatty’s mum, Pat, was the heart of her working class community. Following her mum’s death, a grieving Hatty (Comedy Central, Funny Mummies podcast) searched for The Worry Drawer in the hope it would reveal the secrets to dealing with life’s anxieties. This charmingly funny dedication to her mum, sees Hatty ask: is there a single way to handle every type of worry? Did The Worry Drawer actually exist? And did Pat Ashdown have the answers to a worry-free life this whole time?


At the beginning of 2018, comedian Sarah Mills is winning at life: she has her own place, a job she doesn’t hate and a clutch of friends who make her feel she’s living in a glossy 90s sitcom. Now all she needs is a fella. But instead of finding a handsome prince, she finds a surprise in her poo. The next 2 years are spent swapping dresses for Hospital gowns and Lambrini for laxatives as Sarah adjusts to a life with a disability and the newfound knowledge she can’t even trust her own BUM not to kill her. This is her story, in all its painfully funny detail.

‘Heartfelt, important, and very very funny’ (ITV1’s Rob Rinder)
As seen on The Last Leg and written for Have I Got News For You