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Transmutation to Abstraction

An exhibition by scientist and artist Ana Tsifouti. Her existential experiences (photographs) are entered into algorithms to produce unfamiliar forms and alternative possibilities. Experimenting with past memories, feelings, perspectives and present desires, she is expressing her transmutation process through art.

The artwork in the exhibition is made from a dataset of digitised analogue photographs (about 700), taken over 15 years ago, representing past experiences of UK and Greek life. Different sets of photographs are selected from this old memories to enter into algorithms to create the artwork. The pieces are overlayed, entail variations of tonal/colour intensities, creating abstract textures, forms and interesting compositions. The film graininess enhances the textures. It is the unexpected that the algorithms produce, similar to a darkroom experience, when making prints from negatives.

A photography area would be organised for people to have their photo(s) taken to enter into the algorithms. This will result in a unique art piece, provided free of charge in the form of a digital image.

Wednesday 21st

Dance Performance: Building Blocks & Workshop 7:30pm and 8:30pm & Open Floor Dance till 11pm

Choreographed by Marie Chabert

Music by Alex Paton

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Friday 23rd


An evening of New Wave, Synthpop, Post-Punk, Electronic from 6:30pm


Nathan Nothing

Electric Dream

Ludo Ramone